Happy B-Day Jimmy G – Still Alive.. Don’t Know Why!

Jim’s Birthday Song

Jim dressed for one of his furry parties. He’s joyous since they finally let him play a guitar instead of a bass. And a Little Help From His Friends
Birthday Night – Abbey Road – Beatle Tribute Band

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11 Responses to Happy B-Day Jimmy G – Still Alive.. Don’t Know Why!

  1. PattiB PattiB says:

    Happy Belated Birthday, Jim! Hope you celebrated in true Seeley Street fashion…sitting on a stoop, drinking some cheap beer, while all the woman nag at you! Hope it was fun!!!

  2. Sue B Sue B says:

    Putting the juvenile male humor aside I’d like to say Happy Birthday Jim and I believe this calls for a celebration at Ish NA la. Are they open?

    • Jim Gilbert Jim Gilbert says:

      Sue- Thanks for the wish. Juvenile male humor? Pray tell who could that be? Ishnala is Open. You certainly have a taste for expensive groceries. I lean more towards Hot Dog Avenue or Man-Jo-Vin’s…of course if Richard comes along, we don’t have to worry about a thing, except maybe if he gets arrested for indecent exposure, which could be a daily occurrence with him, citing the incident in the Loop when he was nabbed on camera and arrested for gawking up Marilyn Monroe’s skirt. Anyways I have made it to 71, which coincidentally has always been my goal for a test score grade. Be well, my friend. XO.

      • Sue B Sue B says:

        Sorry to tell you but ManJoVins is closed. . .

      • avatar Carlo D. Lombardo says:


        A belated happy birthday, my brother. I am not able to both email and text, so we sent the text on the right day. I also missed Lloyd’s on the 19th and Bruce Springsteen’s on the 26th. Oh, well, I was never one to observe these festivals. I was more often breaching the observances than honoring them. Even my birthday. Nonetheless, my heartfelt best wishes for many happy returns of the year. Happy, albeit belated, Birthday and may you have as many more as you want.

  3. Jim Gilbert Jim Gilbert says: