Happy Not Birthday Patti

Oh No.. Someone Stole Patti’s Birthday Present

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5 Responses to Happy Not Birthday Patti

  1. Jim Gilbert Jim Gilbert says:

    Did someone say Corona?!

    • avatar Richard says:

      Don’t say it… drink it !


  2. PattiB PattiB says:

    Extending my birthday month thru June since I can now breathe easier (literally) and can celebrate properly! Enjoying the great weather!
    Saw Annette yesterday…Bill got a new boat…bigger…has been sailing (despite the quarantine) since the boat is docked in Racine WI, which is open. Happy sailing Bill!

  3. PattiB PattiB says:

    Had a lovely birthday with family…lots of wine and a charcuterie board. Wasn’t really a typical all month birthday with the virus and my health scare but I enjoyed tonight. will be up to really partying when we can all be together!

  4. Sue B Sue B says:

    Just as the Grinch tried to steal Christmas and failed, the Corona will not steal our birthday!