ID the People of Interest

Jimmy G is befuddled (what else is new) about the members of this disco band… can you help the poor soul?

(And yes, the monkey in the lower left is the king of punk himself)
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11 Responses to ID the People of Interest

  1. Jim Gilbert Jim Gilbert says:

    Hate to be the one to break it to you(actually, I love it), Seeley Street never existed. the only Seeley in existence is an Avenue….And no, I’m sure , they never frequented….just go two blocks in any direction, and it is another social scene, another world.

    • avatar Richard says:

      Yes.. it is officially an avenue.. but everyone called it Seeley Street that grew up there.. it was the ‘’street” meaning an actual street.. never even remembered after 50 years it was “officially” an avenue.. just like Hoyne was a street when we grew up.. and I believe your observation of two blocks is toooo generous.. it may even be 1/2 a block…

      We grew up in a small small world.. that is most likely why I don’t remember all these individuals.. that and I’ve never been good at name recognition.. only the most important I remember..

      Funny that I didn’t even remember that Ralph and Brenner had sisters 🙂

  2. Jim Gilbert Jim Gilbert says:

    I know Dave Siptrott & Donny Sullivan have passed on; Carlo the Archivist is more in tune for more info.

  3. Jim Gilbert Jim Gilbert says:

    On the contrare, Monsewer Wheet,I know 5 of the 6 young fellows…..only one I am not sure of is the bass player. You stated the only one you knew in the photo was Carlo. The other guys in no particular order are Dave Siptrott, Jimmy Nichols, and Rick and Donny Sullivan who happened to be your neighbors living a mere couple of doors away from you on Hoyne. Of course, maybe I shouldn’t be surprised, being you are the same one who didn’t know Audubon had a library.

    • avatar Richard says:

      Of course I remember the Sullivans.. I used to terrify their parents with my homemade rockets in the empty lot next to them on the corner.. unfortunately, i seem not to remember names and faces from ancient history… or places, I never visited (library?)

      But i do remember the duke of skiffle in the lower left..

      • Jim Gilbert Jim Gilbert says:

        Could that be Cookie & his Krumbs?

        • Jim Gilbert Jim Gilbert says:

          Is the bass player one of the Klave brothers?

        • avatar Richard says:

          Maybe the 1960 disco cover band “Pilatus Pilate and the Nailers”

          • Jim Gilbert Jim Gilbert says:

            Final piece of the puzzle…..Mike Klave on bass…..both the Klave Brothers (and sister) are very much alive, as is Rick Sullivan….Jimmy Nichols has been AWOL from the Marines and Seeley Ave since 1968…..

          • avatar Richard says:

            Did all these people really hang around Seeleystreet? I only remember the Sullivans from being next store neighbors and the little guy in the corner from being Ghiottoncello on Sesamo Apriti…