hi all

Richard ‘s money spent on his 2nd masters was well spent! A remarkable job. We need to nudge other potential members… e.g. mary weber, kathy brown, carlo lombardo, ‘ tookie’ claudia becker et al.

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  1. avatar Richard says:

    The April Billboard Number One hits are now posted….

    • avatar Janis says:

      Billboard selections rock! Looking down the list, I see “Love is blue”…I used to play that on the piano! I loved it.

      Also see Bonnie’s music machine has Don’t bring me down. Good choice! :)

  2. avatar Janis says:

    “I was just being a silly knucklehead guy with good taste.” That’s a pretty lovely and charming thing to write, Jim!

    You are a member of our group! Everyone will get to know you better (the way that Richard, Carlo and Mike already do) over the years! :)

    • Jim Gilbert jim gilbert says:

      The three biggest drinkers in the group! Not sure if I like the common thread they share….

      • avatar Richard says:

        Mike has been drummed out of the drinking group.. I think it’s a Lyons thing… Janis drinks light beer over ice and Mike drinks his through a straw,,,

        • Jim Gilbert jim gilbert says:

          Who the H*** put you in charge of setting the standards…?!

        • avatar Richard says:

          Just following ths standards set by civilized beer drinkers from the centuries past….

        • avatar Janis says:

          A half dozen or so Seeley folk are gathering tomorrow for Scottish brew. (Except me, who is gathering for an American light beer, of course!) I have asked Paul to bring his camera so we can have some pics to post!

      • avatar Richard says:

        We need to ween you into some proper beers… go wild… try a Corona Light… then we can slowly inch up to a real beer!

  3. Jim Gilbert jim gilbert says:

    Open Letter to All the Seeley Street Girls From Jim Gilbert. I have come to realize and finally accept in my 62 and a half years, that I am a Flirt. Not sure if it is g-d given, a natural birth-right, or just an accrued acquired talent, but it is here to stay until my end of days. I heard some rumblings’ some of my comments made to certain female individuals(Sorry, Guys!) have made them uncomfortable. If so, I apologize. I was just being a silly knucklehead guy with good taste. My Dr. told me flirting was healthy, and so, I will do my best to control this in future postings…

  4. avatar Janis says:

    I have a head cold and need a root canal tomorrow. But I am posting!!!!

    RE: the Titanic…there were numerous Titanic parties on the anniversary. Why do people celebrate it? Richard is right in alluding to it being an Irish thing! The focus is to embrace life FULLY, especially when one is reminded of the alternative. And speaking of which….

    In my opinion, as best we can, we need to stay off of heavy doom and gloom on here, and also, extreme sexual jokes about each other (that is a matter of degree and is subjective of course!) I think that stuff makes some of us uncomfortable.)

    • avatar Richard says:

      I looked through all the messages here and only found one common between you and BIll about Pena Coladas… other that that, nothing… unless I’m not reading into some of the messages that type of content…

      And except for the last little thread about me posting “The Morning After” on BMM (it was a number one Billboard hit), cannot not see much about doom and gloom unless you are talking about the bowling event…

  5. avatar Richard says:

    They probably no longer have the time to post anything here… Happens all the time on these types of blogs… The blog then goes away and they start fussing… Apparently their private reunions are sufficient for them… No time to take any photos either…

  6. Jim Gilbert jim gilbert says:

    “Celebrate” the deaths of 1,514 people? And I thought I dated some weird Chicks?

    • avatar Richard says:

      It’s one of those Irish/English things… the ship was built in Ireland for a British company.. when it sank, the Irish celebrated since it was an English ship and that the English would then have to build another one in Ireland…

      • Jim Gilbert jim gilbert says:

        I know, I know…. I’m being harsh….but being somewhat of a novice wordsmith student, learning the craft from my only living younger brother, Pinnochio, OHWAIT!, just wanting everyone to know, someone is paying attention. Speaking of which, where the HELL are all the Streeters on this site?

        • avatar Carlo D. Lombardo says:

          One of us is looking up the spelling of his name. Also, I am rarely in the office anymore, for the which, sorry. I am further sorry to anyone who might be off-put with my language, but this is the best I can do. They expect me to work strange hours so weekends are out for reading or posting. I try to look at this site every two or three days whenever I can. Again, apologies from Pinocchio. (There goes that damn nose again.)
          Janis is having her root canal today. Sorry for that, too. Be well.

        • avatar Janis says:

          Thanks Carlo. I am no stranger to the dentist, and practically live there some years. Good wishes are appreciated!

  7. avatar Janis says:

    I noticed “The Morning After” in the Jukebox. Did you do that because it came from the Poseidon Adventure, and this past weekend we celebrate the anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic? I had this record by Maureen McGovern, and was surprised to learn that the song was originally written with the line and the title, “Why must there be a morning after?,” but the powers-that-be considered that to be too edgy.
    Such a pretty song.

  8. Jim Gilbert jim gilbert says:

    Huh?! I was told if the hog was circumcised, the ham would be kosher. Or, just tell the Rabbi it’s pink chicken.

  9. Jim Gilbert jim gilbert says:

    Janis, really?! We were both hoping there was someone who could explain ourselves to the two of us….

  10. avatar Carlo D. Lombardo says:

    That goes without saying: Tref would never do. Unless it’s a ham and cheese on Italian bread, with lettuce, tomato, sliced cucumber, and a sprinkle of oregano. (All but the ham are kosher.) Boy, I think I’ll go make me one as soon as I get out of here in four minutes. Ciao!

    • Jim Gilbert jim gilbert says:

      Make two!!!

    • avatar Janis says:

      Carlo, I only can follow (understand) half of what you and Jim talk about. Happy spring, to you guys!

      • avatar Carlo D. Lombardo says:

        Pareve is kosher; tref is not kosher. Ham is a compressed and cured pig leg, sometimes boned (hardly ever kosher!). Oregano is an herb that grows in the Mediterranean and a favorite of land snails. Tomatoes are sometimes called, “love apples,” because they used to be considered an aphrodisiac, right after they were considered posionous (they are nightshade); thus being the only food that was considered poison and nectar of the gods in the same couple of hundred years. I think absinthe and ether were in that group, too. The old Sicilians, not me, still call tomatoes, “Pumu d’amuri;” (love apples); my family calls them, “pomodori,” golden apples, from that particular species that ripens yellow. Now, doesn’t that make you want a ham sandwich? Have a wonderful weekend!

  11. avatar Carlo D. Lombardo says:

    What about the Princess Fatima, erstwhile betrothed of the Sheik of the Burning Sands? You cannot cover all the religious bases without acknowledging the Mohammedans, one-sixth of the world, just because some of them want most of American (and Israel) to be not part of the planet. Jesus would eat the chocolate lamb of God, of course.

  12. Jim Gilbert jim gilbert says:

    My beloved little brother(along with Johnny, of course). I enjoy your love, wit, knowledge, and your varied renditions of ‘Wipeout’, none of which I will Passover lightly. Downside of the christianish holiday this year, is that Jesus, HayZeus, Yeshua, this little light of mine, saw his shadow as he emerged from the tomb, cursing us to another 6 weeks of Winter. I, hopefully, have most of my Eternal Heavenly bases and reservations covered, having been baptised as a wee babe, been married to a Zionist Jew, and now in betrothal with a Buddhist Shanghai Chinese Princess(if any (tomb) stone has been left uncovered, please inform me. Until I receive a response, I will be enjoying my “day after” Easter purchases of chocolate bunnies and marshmallow chicks. WOWJE. Which One Would Jesus Eat?

  13. avatar Carlo D. Lombardo says:

    Belated Buona Pasqua to all, even my Jewish brothers, who provided the reason for Christianity, and to my Roman brothers, who provided the means for Christianity (come down off that cross; we need the wood.). Much pascal love. Erratic schedule is keeping me from being more consistent on the site but I check it as often as I can.

  14. avatar ralphie says:

    John, the drummer from Scott Madden’s band said he had someone reserve a table for 15 for The Mustangs Band performance in Wheeling, April 14th @ 8:30. We’ll get people there early so nobody ends up standing.

    • avatar Richard says:

      Take pictures.. and video… and anything that could be embarrassing…

      Just use a real camera or a cell phone other than an iPod…

  15. avatar Janis says:

    There was a small Laschet’s outing last night. I meant to take crummy iphone pictures, but I forgot to!

  16. avatar ralphie says:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHRIS LYONS. Hope you had a good day and many more.

  17. avatar Janis says:

    Hi Richard! I love “Welcome Back” and just wanted to let you know that the upload has a glitch at the beginning of the song. You may want to reload it on this site. Thanks for all the music! I am going to start playing it in the car!

  18. avatar Richard says:

    The March Billboard hits are now posted…

  19. avatar Carlo D. Lombardo says:

    You’re right, he can be encyclopedic. Thanks, Sue!

    Jim, the greasy spoon at School and Ashland was Wimpy’s. I loved that place after a few lines (of bowling!) at Kaadland.

  20. Sue B Sue B says:

    I see this as a challenge. I don’t know if Bill Myers checks this site, but I suggest you shoot him an email, I bet he knows something……..

  21. Jim Gilbert jim gilbert says:

    Carlo- What info. are you actually seeking? I was never in either one of those establishments, but I do know who the four different fathers are(just kidding!). So, I am not any help. Two of three of my trusted in the know Chicago resources are now residing next door to one another on West Irving Park Road, and neither one of them are talking(at least not to yours truly). The third resides on North Troy, which makes him the only living boy in Chicago. A Belmont/Ashland restaurant foot note,though: My Aunt Mae(Dorothy’s only sibling), had been out of contact with us for 8 years, when one afternoon I strolled into the greasy spoon on Ashland and Melrose?School St?, and who was my waitress…. Your little sister Mary has her own email address? She’s only 4 years old for chrissake!

  22. avatar Carlo D. Lombardo says:

    My dear band of brothers and sisters, (Pretend we’re in the pub and somebody asks,
    “Hey, whatever happened to…?”

    I received a request yesterday from Penny Carlisle via my sister Mary. The Carlisles/ Yorks/Blisses lived on 2000 block of School on the last house before the alley. Next to the Autrys think or two doors west. Anyway, due to a lot of genealogical cross-breeding they all had different names and their mother refused to tell them how this happened (other than the obvious). What we know is that Penny’s father James Carlisle owned a restaurant on Belmont and Ashland. I think it was the Rob Roy but cannot be sure. I remember you could enter it from both Ashland and Belmont, and I know the Cheerio was across the street on the north side of Belmont. (Makes sense, English and Scottish.) Penny’s trying to verify this because mom would not, for her own reasons. So are Nancy (Bliss/York), Charley (Carlisle) and George (also Carlisle, at last report), now that they are all adults and it has become a needful thing. If you remember or know anything about this (the Carlsisles or the restaurant) you can address said memories or information to me at Calogerobooks@aol.com. My sister Mary also wants to be in this loop. She’s mlclombardo@yahoo.com. Any information you can pass would be grealy appreciated. Thank you, love you, enjoy a weekend, and Happy Birthday to 2 of our mainposts of this site, Janis and Ralph. (How much did you pay to lose those four years?)

    • avatar Richard says:

      Are they trying to verify that the name of the restaurant was the Rob Roy or that the tavern across the street was the Cheerio?

      Or….. are they asking about who their respective fathers (or mothers) are?

      But how many of us at that age really went to that many taverns in those days… (except for Jim)

  23. avatar Richard says:

    Here we all are.. we showed up at the Pub but it looks like the guy with the funny accent and was the model for Mario has stood us up….

  24. avatar ralphie says:

    we don’t need another bowler, it looks like we have 24 couples right now.

  25. avatar ralphie says:

    I bowl once a year, no wonder I suck. I don’t have my own, I’ll borrow one of the high tech ones at the alley. Looking forward to seeing you on Saturday Patti, come hungry.

  26. PattiB PattiB says:

    Candlelight Bowling with Ralphie on Saturday is right up my alley!!! I wonder if he is bringing his own bowling ball?

  27. PattiB PattiB says:

    Janis-Sending the love right back at ya! We had a great time…The Benker girls and I left at 10:30 PM…late night for me!!!

  28. avatar Janis says:

    Stopping in the pub for a moment on Valentine’s Day! Cheers!

    Paul and I saw Patti, Sue, Bonnie and Bill B last night at Pitchfork on Irving! I love getting together with you guys….

  29. Jim Gilbert jim gilbert says:

    Roses are red
    Violets are purple
    You’re all as sweet
    As maple surple.


  30. avatar Carlo D. Lombardo says:

    Unless Max the butcher is still alive.

  31. Jim Gilbert jim gilbert says:

    Richard, which one of your legs is longer? The left or the right? Because that’s the one Ralph’s been pulling….

    • avatar Richard says:

      Shows what you know! Germans are always serious… and they would never pull anyone’s leg.. removal.. maybe.. pulling .. never!

    • avatar Richard says:

      Actually.. he isn’t… he send me his version of the songs and I replaced the ones I had… his song more like he old vinyl with the pops and hisses… and are mono….

  32. avatar Richard says:

    Since they were sitting in my pile of old cds, they are probably older than a week… but if you have a MP3 of what you thing is the original, send it to me and I’ll be happy to use that version on BMM….

    Some of these I probably haven’t hear the original since the 60s anyway…

  33. avatar ralphie says:

    I’ve seen CDs where they say in real fine print, on the back in clear ink… Re-recorded by the original artist a month ago… NOT Original Recordings by the ORIGINAL Artist. I’m sure your ‘version’ is by the original artist but they might have made the recording last week. Ask ANY music AFICIONADO and they’ll tell you the same thing.

    • avatar Janis says:

      Good call, Ralph, and thank you, Richard, for making the change. I owned that record, and when I heard what you originally had on BMM, I was confused. I knew that another band also did a cover of it, but it didn’t sound like them either (was it Gary and Playboys who did a cover, too?) Thanks, Ralph, for clarifying about the different versions by an original artist. Happy to have the real (reel?) thing on our music machine!

  34. avatar Richard says:

    John Fred and the Playboy Band.. they may be odd but these are the original radio versions that were Billboard Number One Hits….

    Who do you think the real ones were?

  35. avatar ralphie says:

    I shut this BillBoard Hits thing off now. Who the heck is singing Judy in Disguise? Where did you get these odd versions of great songs? Sorry, I have to stop, can’t take anymore of these impostors.

  36. avatar ralphie says:

    Who in the world is singing Downtown?

  37. avatar ralphie says:

    Richard, that BillBoard Hits is fine, why do you have the short version of Crimson and Clover? Did you have Beatle boots to go with your Beatle haircut too?

    • avatar Richard says:

      The version is the single version which in those days were really limited to about 3 minutes for radio play… and I think Peter and I once had beatle boots…

  38. avatar Richard says:

    First Week in February… In the Year of 1964…

    It all begins… the Billboard Hits has the Beatle’s first Number 1 Hit in the US… I Saw Her Standing There and I Want To Hold Your Hand (the listed one that was really both)… Find it on the BIllBoard Hits on our menu…

    Which is about a few weeks before my getting expelled from Audubon for having long hair and a Beatle’s haircut… the same style I had the previous couple of years.. go figure…

  39. avatar Richard says:

    Spent the afternoon digging up more tunes for BMM… found some bubble gum that will have Janis dancing on the table and Jim trying to craw his ears out and some “what was that?” or.. “I don’t believe he’s put that one on there”… yes indeedie I will…

    • Bill Bartz Bill Bartz says:

      So, Sue got thrown out of a bar for mispronouncing the name of a drink. How many of those Penis Colossuses did she have.
      I was once thrown out of a place called the Hog’s Breath Saloon in Key West for having to much fun.

      • avatar Janis says:

        hahahaha! okay, have to admit I hadn’t heard the word “colossuses” (colossi?) tacked on to the first word. Pretty funny!

        Hog’s Breath gave you the boot? Another streeter kicked out of somewhere! It seems very common in this group, and I am trying to figure out what those results mean. I asked Paul if he’d ever been kicked out of somewhere, and he said “of course not.” ?????

        • Jim Gilbert jim gilbert says:

          Like Paul, I have never been kicked out of anywhere. We were/are good boys. Does “not being allowed in” count?

    • avatar Janis says:

      Judy in Disguise. Yes, I bought and owned that 45. Darn you, Richard!

      fyi: I love Led Zeppelin, AC/DC, and all sorts of harder rock music. I also love a lot of folk. I like the Black Keys and the Strokes and the music of the now defunct White Stripes.

      I was trying to think of why my focus has only been on the pop music when we discuss stuff on here. Must be some kind of nostalgia thing, and remembering what I mostly listened to as a kid.

    • Jim Gilbert jim gilbert says:

      I don’t believe Richard put those “songs”? on there.

  40. PattiB PattiB says:

    RIP, Juan…one of my favorite “SweatHogs”.

  41. Jim Gilbert jim gilbert says:


  42. avatar Richard says:

    Rick Perry vetoed the a law that would prohibit text messaging while driving… Claimed it violated one’s rights, but signed the bill requiring all females to have sonograms for whatever reason if they needed an abortion…

    Also, there has been cases where people have been ticketed for using a cell phone in a school zone… And they were on foot…

  43. Jim Gilbert jim gilbert says:

    “Concealed weapons” is an interesting subject. My 2 years of living in Israel 1989-91, concealed weapons were forbidden, but visible weapons were fine. Also, cell phone use was strictly prohibited in motor vehicles .And “We” are the most advanced, progressive country. Hhmmm…?

  44. avatar Richard says:

    We can just take his left armpit out of the jar and divide it up into smaller pieces and put them in sample jars… then the females won’t have a cat fight over it… they each will all have a bit of essence of Carlo…

    • avatar Carlo D. Lombardo says:

      Call it what it is–Elijah juice, just as it was at Audubon. From the NFL great Elijah Pitts, who graciously volunteered to be the eponym of armpit sweat.

  45. avatar Carlo D. Lombardo says:

    How in the name of Liam O’Flaherty did I miss this one??? Jimmy, your ken of cenobic containers just boggles what’s left of my mind, (me being a right- minded person, mostly, I boggle easily). No comment on the cat fight, but I think Abbie and I will be ok sending each other mad signals, maybe create an arc. What, me worry?
    Oh, those are Mason jars….Nevermind.

    • Jim Gilbert jim gilbert says:

      No problem fellas, 26 days for a response, but who’s counting? I’m used to it. About the same average gestation period for my sweet young wife Min’s orgasms to kick in. You guys are two very good reasons I don’t do stand-up for a living. Glad I can fall back on my Irish-Yiddish Haiku income…

  46. avatar Richard says:

    The great State of Texas is on the verge of a new gun control ban that is even approved b the the NRA… the carrying of REAL guns and assault rifes will still be allowed, but toy guns that look like real guns will be banned…

    Kinda like beer… either drink real beer or go home….

    • avatar Janis says:

      Your smart light beer joke notwithstanding…I disagree with owning weapons, and would not fit in very well with a culture that argues for the rights of teenagers to carry concealed ones.

      • avatar Richard says:

        Even in Texas teenagers cannot carry concealed weapons (legally)…. they have to be out in the open for them to carry them…