Happy Birthday Sue

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  1. Sue B Sue B says:

    The party continues! Last night we celebrated Woodstock at Cousin Sue’s! Fun night with my hippie girlfriends and Mother Earth/the Statue of Liberty.

  2. avatar Richard says:

    Sue’s new best friend….


    • PattiB PattiB says:

      I’ve been techno free for a while as I was up in the great North woods after surviving the tornadoes and storm that went through last week! But, I wanted to wish Susie a very happy belated birthday and since it is still July it is technically still her/our birthday!! I am glad to see you are celebrating with our favorite gin. I am planning a big blowout when I am back in action to celebrate our birthdays. I can’t think of a single person that I would rather share a birthday with…you are the best!!! Love you lots!!!!

  3. Sue B Sue B says:

    And I believe I will wear THE PANTS all weekend because they are magical and have healing powers!

    • avatar Richard says:

      The only healing ability those pants have if someone longs for the good old days of pre 1950’s curtains..

      For most others, they cause serious eye burn…

  4. Sue B Sue B says:

    Hooray I have been waiting for this! It’s birthday weekend and while I’m not going to ISHNALA I do have some fun plans for these next few days starting with Summer Nights at Brookfield Zoo tonight with my family and American English!

    • avatar Richard says:

      First.. Patti has taken sole possession of your birthday and indicates she isn’t going to share..

      second .. what is American English?

    • Jim Gilbert Jim Gilbert says:

      Happy Birthday, Sue! xoxo! Spending Summer Nights with your family at Brookfield Zoo. Which building are they housed in? So, you are NOT at Ishnala? I sat out in their parking lot of 3 hours, waiting for Richard & you to show. Brought along my Complete Guide To Coyotes as well.

      • Sue B Sue B says:

        Happy Birthday to you, You belong in a zootakes on a different meaning when you’re actually in a zoo!
        Fun, fun bday! Cuban food and gin and tonics with Ludy and Mari Guin! At the beach with Betsey and Cousin Sue last night for the drum circle. And Patti and I haven’t even celebrated yet!

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