BREAKING NEWS: Patti’s Birthday Missing !

Has anyone seen the missing birthday?

Unofficial Police Records Indicate “See Had It Coming”

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11 Responses to BREAKING NEWS: Patti’s Birthday Missing !

  1. avatar Ludy says:

    Happy Belated Birthday Patti! and Benker too.

  2. PattiB PattiB says:

    If not enough people wish Sue and I a happy birthday, we are extending it into June, or maybe all summer!

  3. PattiB PattiB says:

    It’s not too late…it’s still May and I’m still partying!

  4. Sue B Sue B says:

    We think her birthday might be at The Dock. We’re going to look for it there next Thurs.

  5. avatar Richard says:

    The locals think that Patti lost it in New Orleans and it is wandering around Bourbon Street dazed and confused..

  6. Sue B Sue B says:

    Oh where oh where has our birthday gone? Oh where oh where can it be?

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