Jim Gets Someone to Take the Room 119 Offer

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19 Responses to Jim Gets Someone to Take the Room 119 Offer

  1. Sue B Sue B says:

    Update: Mike is still in room 119 at the always hospitable Hines VA on Roosevelt Rd just west of 1st Ave. He’s getting a little cranky/ restless as in pain in the ass and could use some motivation as in kick in the ass. Guessing he’ll still be there through this week.

  2. Jim Gilbert Jim Gilbert says:

    Per the posted photo at top of site, Mike’s expression & glance tells me all I need to know. Happy Mothers’ Day to all you Mothers…

    • Sue B Sue B says:

      Yeah, he is SO saying GET ME OUT OF HERE!

      • avatar Richard says:

        I think he is saying.. “I’ll never figure out how to use this new fangled stuff made for a 7 year old… CHRIS program in BRING ME A DIET COKE.. extra volume please”

  3. PattiB PattiB says:

    Sue and I visited Mike today… until they kicked us out! Sue was doing a fan dance and I was encouraging Mike to swear at everyone. We also acted out famous movie scenes for Mike…he thinks we’re nuts…we are!! Hope to get him back home, soon!!!

    • Sue B Sue B says:

      We beat a hasty retreat once Mike found out he might not be going home this week (the issue being the equipment needing to be set up at home). Verbal or not, I don’t want to listen to pissed off Mike.

  4. PattiB PattiB says:

    We Mike a quick list of “phrases” to use…limited spelling…”FU” and U SHT were favorites!

  5. Sue B Sue B says:

    Update from room 119: Mike spelled out “Gilbert eat your heart out”. Truly, he did. He also wants food, a small mocha, and Sharknado.

  6. Sue B Sue B says:

    When I walked into Room 119 today it was party time! Chris was there with the speech therapist and the techno nerd geek who were setting Mike up with some gadget that will allow him to “speak”. Now Richard tried to set him up with something a couple years ago but this is nicer. No “I’m cold, BITCH” or “ get me a drink, BITCH”. And we can request which phrases we want included in the vocabulary. Like “let’s go to Bahama Breeze” . Or “there’s an extra bed in room 119”.

    • avatar Richard says:

      I added some useful phrases:

      Get me a pina colada and make it quick

      We are watching a BAD movie whether you want to or not

      Richard is the greatest and i am worm casings compared to him

  7. Sue B Sue B says:

    NEWS FLASH! Mike is steadily improving and is being moved back to room 119 today! Ludy and Mari Guin are going there at 1 pm and I’ll go a little later. Eat your heart out Jim!

  8. Jim Gilbert Jim Gilbert says:

    Finally! A taker! I’m packing my bag now!

    • Sue B Sue B says:

      Alas, we no longer have room 119! Mike had to go back to ICU for a few days after a procedure. He has a trach now which is good because he doesn’t have to have an oxygen mask over his face and he can clearly mouth curse words.

  9. Sue B Sue B says:

    And as you can see, there’s an extra bed in room 119!