🍻 Barnaby’s – Celebrating February Birthdays 🍻

THURS FEB 28th, we’re going to BARNABY’S! In Des Plaines at Higgins and Wolf. Remember that place? Pitchers of beer and less than great pizza? We’ll be celebrating the many February birthdays, starting around 4:30. Since Ludy is away on vacation, I will accept her presents.

636 E Touhy Ave
Des Plaines, IL 60018
tel:(847) 297-8866

Sue B

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10 Responses to 🍻 Barnaby’s – Celebrating February Birthdays 🍻

  1. avatar Janis says:

    I’ve decided you are all my cousins. If cousins share a common ancestor, we share a street, and a place in time. We share each other’s parents. We share each other’s history. And Barnapalooza should become an annual winter event, not even about birthdays, but as a half way point to Ludypalooza.

  2. Sue B Sue B says:

    I let Ludy know, via text msg, that her bday party was a big success. She wanted to know if she got a lot of presents and I said yes but they were all liquid and Patti and I drank them. Not sure where those Riesen girls are right now but they were planning to be driving home from FL and they might be chasing tornadoes.

    • Sue B Sue B says:

      The latest word from Ludy is that they missed the tornado in Alabama by about 100 miles. I’m not sure where they are right now but they’re not in Oz.

      • avatar Janis says:

        What crazy weather in the southeast. I am glad it didn’t hit during their vacation and that they are clear of it for their journey home. Happy fat Tuesday to all! In honor of it, I had a particularly big lunch!

  3. PattiB PattiB says:

    Sorry about the pictures…they ARE coming Richard’s way!
    Great party with great friends at a favorite haunt from back in the day…all of us have held up better than the venue! Sue and I were happy to share our birthdays with Janis, Cheryl, Ralph and Ludy (in Florida)!
    Also, a shout out to Bartz who so wanted to party with us, but was still homebound with his peg leg! Feel better soon…remember we will be bringing the next party to you if you can’t get out!

    • Bill Bartz Bill Bartz says:

      Hey everyone, thanks for the great card. I should be up and around soon.
      Haven’t had a beer in 3 weeks but I’ve substituted copious amounts of
      opiates so I’m only experiencing minor withdrawal symptoms. The only real problem is that my left leg is now 1.5 inches shorter than the right They said it will grow back.

  4. Sue B Sue B says:

    I have been holding out on commenting on the Barnaby’s event because I was hoping some pictures would surface (my flip phone doesn’t do justice) but I have to say that was one fun night and I’m thrilled about how many people were able to join us. Mark and Mary! Janis and Paul! Ralph and Theresa! Bill and Betty! Tom Zito! Mike and Chris and Monique the Jamaican nurse! The usual suspects i.e. the Baumann sisters and the Benker sisters! Why Cheryl even came! We monopolized a corner of Barnabys for hours and it was great and they even had decent beer (honey Weiss for me) and the pizza was better than I remembered. Loved it!

  5. Jim Gilbert Jim Gilbert says:

    Perfect Party Timing (though I am unable to attend), because from February 29th thru the 31st will be my 3 day alcohol abstention fast. Any fellow observers?!