Oscar Night – The Biggest Party in Town

The Benker Sisters will be there.. Dozens of Seeley Street personalities will attend.. A No Holds Barred Party Down.. Swag Bags Galore… Patti was 69’d in advance due to last year’s behavior (all involved are grateful)..

The Red Carpet starts at 6:00 PM.

The venue is the fabulous Bonnie Abode..

A certified Gold Ticket Event..

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11 Responses to Oscar Night – The Biggest Party in Town

  1. avatar Sue B says:

    I know you wanted pictures from The Oscar party and you like pictures of people falling down drunk. So here you go. How fun that I found this beer to pay tribute to Bohemian Rhapsody! And it’s good! The Cutty was for Green Book.


    • Jim Gilbert Jim Gilbert says:

      Seems all has come down to PC politics and popularism. “Green Book” is a poorly written screenplay. “Roma” deserved Oscar. Driving Miss Shirley? Even its predecessor “Driving Miss Daisy” was lame to Spike Lee’s deserving film of that year. Even most Blacks who voiced are surprised at award.

      • Sue B Sue B says:

        Well I liked Green Book and I thought Roma was dull, boring and had no story at all. I would like to have seen Spike get best director.

        • avatar Richard says:

          It’s never been about which film was the best.. it’s been which studio was the most efficient wining and dining the judges.. typically about 10 million dollars to win… but if they win, it equates to maybe 20 – 30 million in sells..

          The unwashed masses have already spoken about which film was the best… the highest grossing opening week ever.. the highest grossing 2018 … will probably be the highest grossing film over time.. over the last single year grossed $1.3 billion..

          Black Panther..

  2. avatar Janis says:

    A party thrown by the Benker sisters HAS to be a blast! And I love all the movie discussions we’ve been having in various email threads. AND, it is on Ralph’s actual birthday, which is another reason to honor the 24th as a holy day in Seeley lore! Have fun (so I can live vicariously), and I will see you guys on Thursday at Barnabys!