Josef Metz: Winter Storm



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5 Responses to Josef Metz: Winter Storm

  1. Jim Gilbert Jim Gilbert says:

    Joe Metz. How did he come up as a topic? Didn’t find much yakking about him here.

  2. Sue B Sue B says:

    Did I turn that picture of Richard around? I’ve been trying to use my administrative skills to comment on that picture.

  3. Sue B Sue B says:

    This is one of his paintings? I have to admit I don’t know who he was but am sorry for the loss of a legend.

    • avatar Janis says:

      Yes, it is, Sue! In fact, if I were to try to pinpoint it, it looks like one of the north/south blocks between Roscoe and Addison, somewhere in our ‘hood.

  4. avatar Janis says:

    This painting reminds me of Seeley Street and winter storms in the 1960s.