Congratulation to Jim On Another Milestone – Still Alive

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8 Responses to Congratulation to Jim On Another Milestone – Still Alive

  1. avatar Mike Lyons says:

    Carlo …sad to observe ..I’ve been friends with all since before 1 score! Are we getting old I wonder. Suddenly 3 score and ten seems more real.

    • avatar Carlo D. Lombardo says:

      I don’t know, brother; all I do know is that my war wounds are acting up more frequently these days, and I still have 18 months before I reach biblical proportions.
      It was a half a score when we met; I was 11 and 5 months. October 7, 1961.
      (Well, at least the long-term memory hasn’t left me.)

  2. PattiB PattiB says:

    Hope it was a truly epic day…as Richard and Susie say when at Ishnala…keep em coming!

  3. Sue B Sue B says:

    Wait a minute! This is the picture I was referring to

  4. avatar Richard says:

    Biblical indeed.. he used to turn wine into water in those basement storage areas…

  5. Jim Gilbert Jim Gilbert says:

    Getting ready to roll out the barrel.