LudyPalooza 2018 – It’s a Wrap…

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4 Responses to LudyPalooza 2018 – It’s a Wrap…

  1. avatar Ludy says:

    The garage is not so inviting without all of you. Thanks for sharing the pictures. We look fabulous having fun!

  2. Jim Gilbert Jim Gilbert says:

    Great garage! Where’s the live band? Those who have not experienced Rm.119 are just envious(yeah, you Sue B.). Thanks for posting the pix…just noticing a lack of male presence. Maybe more photos to come… Of course, I was a no-show, so I shouldn’t have a voice.

    • avatar Richard says:

      Posted all the pictures I have… the others are not yet sharing theirs… maybe they have more male photos for your enjoyment.. did you look at the photo album?

      I believe there are some nice feet shots for your pleasure…

  3. Sue B Sue B says:

    Great pictures! I’m having post-Ludypalooza letdown.

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