Sailing Waco Versus Chicago This Weekend

Jim (by proxy) and Richard sailing in Waco this week… Richard was not drinking Wisconsinbly.. it was Mexican…

Bill sailing in Chicago this weekend.

Bill this weekend in Chicago

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8 Responses to Sailing Waco Versus Chicago This Weekend

  1. Jim Gilbert Jim Gilbert says:

    Regarding the top photo, Jim Gil(ligan)bert does need to seriously get out, and as far as the lower photo, Min & I are placing an order for 6 blue crabs.

    • avatar Richard says:

      At least you need not worry about them getting warm during shipping…

      Hopefully, your parole hearing goes well before they arrive …


      • Jim Gilbert Jim Gilbert says:

        But I didn’t rat on my Sicilian accomplice. I don’t want to be talkin’ to no fishes.

        • avatar Carlo D. Lombardo says:

          Were you with us when Mike Lehning stole a car, told us it was his, took us for a joyride to the Monroe Armory , and got all of us arrested? I didn’t talk then either: one of the detectives was Sicilian and told me in Sicilian not to say anything until my mother arrived. Then he would fix it. Don Fitze was there and I can’t remember who else.
          Boy, I wanted to put Mike into Lake Michigan with the cohos that night. Mike got away with it because I think his father was a retired police captain. Never seen him since. Any memory. Richard? Were you there?

          ps. nice smile in your graduation picture there, Jim lad!

          • avatar Richard says:

            I played the game Grand Thief Auto but never participated in the real thing.. don’t even remember any of that crowd.. I hung around with the motley crew of Lyons, Mansfield, Gorski, Bessent, Mike F, Tookie, Kathy B, Mary W, the two Peters, Gary L and Zito..

          • Jim Gilbert Jim Gilbert says:

            No. But as you may remember, I always seemed to disappear without notice. And to quote my father, “Jimmy is a good boy.” Of course, having siblings named Phyllis & Johnny may have had something to do with his statement.

  2. avatar Carlo D. Lombardo says:

    Well, raise my rent; you are the Kid! The Waco Kid!!!

    …but who’s that guy from the Perfect Storm?