Holiday 2017 – It’s a Wrap


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12 Responses to Holiday 2017 – It’s a Wrap

  1. PattiB PattiB says:

    The nice thing about being wasted is that you have not recollection of whom you have offended or the circumstances that have made so many people upset. I remember a great time…plenty of liquor, good food, and great conversation with equally great people…however, I do remember Ralph drinking less than acceptable beer…and Ralphie this is after we toured the Goose Island Brewery and you had the Bourbon County Stout on tap!

  2. avatar Birgit says:

    OK, I have a question… Since I am not on here as often as some of you and missed the party,,,,,, I want to know who is the blurred out person in the pictures? AND,,,,Why? Is this a politician or an actor who was in the wrong place at the wrong time? Did I miss something other than being with all of you wonderful people????Hmmmmm.

  3. avatar Richard says:

    Okay.. here’s the real story about Ralph and the Coors Lite..

    A certain person, who i cannot mention, brought two large Coors Lite to the party.. one each for Ralph and I .. the before unmentionable expected Ralph and I to drink it over ice … this would be like us expecting the before unmentionable to drink a creamy luscious imperial stout.. taking a page out of Nancy Reagan’s book.. i just said “NO”.. Ralph, on the other hand, was playing nice and gave into peer pressure and drank that foul concoction..

    I believe Ralph is currently in German rehab and was going to be deported back to German but was rejected for crimes against the German beer purity laws.. wish him well in his detox.. they weaned him off the lite with a bit of English ale and are increasing doses of German beer..

    • Sue B Sue B says:

      So you took a picture of an unsuspecting Ralph as he was accepting a dare. This makes you as mean as everyone apparently thinks you are.

      • avatar Richard says:

        No dare.. he was just being nice.. see what nice gets you.. rehab.. being de-germaned.. have mean nasty people take obscene pictures of you doing something you will regret in the morning…

        But I’m not as bad as one thinks.. didn’t blackmail him.. and I know he would have done the same to me if I didn’t remember the immortal words of Ms Reagan..


  4. PattiB PattiB says:

    Thanks to Mike and Chris for throwing a Fa, La. La. La Fantastic Liberace party! Had a great time and lived to tell about it!

  5. avatar Richard says:

    Yes.. you’ve seen it here first.. a German drinking Light Beer..