LudyPalooza 2017 – Argghh!

There Be Pirate Wenches

Here is the official announcement!
The annual Seeley summer party (yes it’s still summer) will be:

    SAT. SEPT 16th starting at 4 pm
    4035 N. Monticello

This year we are celebrating CAPTAIN BARTZ or should I say CAPT’N BAAARRTZ!

So bring your rum or beverage of your choosing, your favorite appetizer, perhaps some money in case we want to order pizza or run out of liquor.

If you wish to obtain the official LudyPalooza shirt or any information about the festivities …

Contact Patti or Sue

Sue B

About Sue B

The Front Porch Mama is here to guide you on an exclusive tour of porches all over the world. A budding wizkid code slinging mommy.
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14 Responses to LudyPalooza 2017 – Argghh!

There Be Pirate Wenches

  1. avatar Ludy says:

    I thought I had posted on the party, but I can’t seem to find it..
    Everyone had a great time!
    Thanks for the fabulous food, fun, and friends!

    • avatar Richard says:

      It is the very top post… labeled LudyPalooza and has you as author… I added the video taken by Dan..

  2. PattiB PattiB says:

    Food, Fun, Friends and Funny moments all contributed to a Fantastic Evening! Captain Barnacle Bill kept the party boat afloat and no lives were lost! Thanks to Ludy and Mari for letting us dock the party boat at their house! Susie and I are going into a new business…Haberdashery. Millinery is probably more appropriate, but I like saying haberdashery, especially after a few drinks. And, surprise, Susie and I also got to celebrate our belated birthdays with Captain Bartz!

  3. Bill Bartz Bill Bartz says:

    Peer group pressure was very high

    • avatar Richard says:

      Reports are trickling in about the party…

      it has been reported that Sue left her house with an ice chest filled with an assortment of 22 delicious beers and after the party, she returned home with 20 beers..

    • avatar Carlo D. Lombardo says:

      Ludy and Mari Guin: Outstanding party!!! Thank you and please continue this new tradition. Good friends; good food; good times, and only a five block walk. Good to see everyone who showed up (let’s see if I can remember): 2 of 79 (Sue of 79) Patti and Dan; Stacy Groth; the Chris I know (Lyons) and the Chris I don’t; Billy and Annette, Sue the Benker tomato; oh, yeah, my Judy (palooza). Did I miss anyone? Conspicuous by their absence was everyone else. All in all, a pretty great whatapalooza!

      • Sue B Sue B says:

        Thanks Carlo, for such a great post about the party! And thanks to Judy for the special cookies (how lucky am I to end up with the leftover cookies AND beer!) and to everyone for all the food and drink and fun. And f course to Ludy and Mari Guin for hosting and sharing their party garage and to MG for the festive decorations! I’m really impressed!

  4. PattiB PattiB says:

    You two don’t have a leg to stand on! Not a lot of positive responses, so what we are lacking in quantity will be made up with quality…partying that is!

  5. avatar Richard says:

    So what does the guest list look like at this point?

    Other than old and alcoholic…

  6. Jim Gilbert Jim Gilbert says:

    I don’t think Patti is a woman you can keep in “tow”.

  7. avatar Richard says:

    A small snag with the City of Chicago and LudyPalooza permitting system… so going back to my Chicago roots, I donated $1 to the Rahmy Election Campaign… and problem solved…

    No worries.. paid in small unmarked dollar bill funneled through Russia with Jim’s fingerprints and a Patti’s toe print. Tried to get some Sue DNA, but she was freshly out..