Veterans Vintage aka Chris and Becky Lyons will be participating in the Studio 8 Vintage Market this Sunday. 1128 Garfield in Oak Park. 10 a.m. til 5 p.m. See you there.

Patti modeling her shower curtain outfit she purchased for 24 cents at the market. She knows she has got Sue beat for the Ugliest Outfit Contest… But Sue is still ahead for the Ugly Pants.. (Richard)

Sue B

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16 Responses to Attention!

  1. Sue B Sue B says:

    Attention again! Celebrating my bday and Pat’s this Sat evening with the Kane County Cougars! $6 ticket not only gives you the ballgame and fireworks but a pre-game concert with American English! I got a block of tickets but don’t know how many I have left. Janis is going and most of my kids. Janis you get to hang with my kids! Go to their website, promo code: valpak. Good for lawn or reserved tickets, I got real seats this time so no lugging of lawn chairs or blankets. We’re in section 103 rows K and L. Lots of tickets available!

    • Jim Gilbert Jim Gilbert says:

      Hey!!! What gives?! Cougars got rid of Section 119!

      • Sue B Sue B says:

        Section 119? That’s where my dad is buried at Rosehill Cemetery.

        • Sue B Sue B says:

          And in honor of my dad who would have been 90 yesterday I’m bringing Old Style to our girls’ get-together at Cheryl’s tonight. I’m drinking one now.

    • avatar Janis says:

      Sue I had a blast seeing you at our house! Time flew! I just don’t know how I will be feeling to be outside for hours on Saturday so just a reminder that it isn’t a sure thing for me until I see how I am doing that day. I very much want to either catch the concert or the ballgame, and definitely to meet your kids, but again, don’t have your stamina…yet!

  2. PattiB PattiB says:

    Richard the vinyl shower curtains come in handy for those late night drink fests…Everything, either wipes off or just slips off!!!

  3. PattiB PattiB says:

    Got home wearing my outfit and found I have a pair of sandals the exact same color…also, have matching toe-nail polish, so I’m all set!

    • avatar Janis says:

      Am I the only one who thinnks this pantsuit looks good? Like a Pucci outfit? NYC is filled with colorful prints. If this were in a window on 5th or on Madison on the UES, it would go for thousands.

    • avatar Richard says:

      Match sandals and painted toes.. you know who is getting very thrilled..

  4. avatar Ludy says:

    It was a great time at the market. Shopping for high fashion and function. Only Patti could carry off this pantsuit, stunning and fun!

  5. Sue B Sue B says:

    I am so proud of my Patti. That took real BALLS to put that outfit on and then promptly wear it to a roof top restaurant .

  6. PattiB PattiB says:

    Looking forward to some shopping, lunch and cocktails with Sue, Ludy and Mari this Sunday as we visit with Chris and her daughter at the Studio 8 Vintage Market!