Key West Awesome Adventure 2017 – Day 1

The continuing adventures of the girls from Seeley Street

ON Their Way – FORT MEYERS – Florida

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13 Responses to Key West Awesome Adventure 2017 – Day 1

  1. PattiB PattiB says:

    I recognize those pants…I think that you should have them bronzed and then enshrined at one of the bars in Key West!

    • avatar Richard says:

      They are too ugly even for key west.. Sue wore them last night.. local law enforcement wouldn’t allow her among the locals and tourists… she ended up drinking beer with the transient boat people at the docks…

  2. avatar Janis says:

    You gals all look so rested and young! These vacations definitely agree with you! :) And I hope it works out sometime that Chris can go with Sue and Birgit on one of their adventures; I think you guys would have a lot of fun together!

  3. avatar Richard says:

    Well since everyone else was going on holiday… Jim, Mike and I decided to have a little adventure.. we definitely didn’t want to go somewhere in the summer in a hot humid sticky climate.. something a bit cooler with low humidity.. so we asked Mike.. now Chris did warn us that Mike thought the Hines VA was the equivalent to a 5 star hotel with a Michelin star..

    But did we listen to her? Noooooooooo oh so nooooooo!!!!

    We put Mike in charge of the travel and accommodations.. oh so wwrrooonnggg!!

    Here we are at dinner on the first night.


  4. avatar Patti says:

    Patti and Ellen Salute You.. Direct from New O’rleans


    • avatar Ludy says:

      Do I need to tell you to have fun? Happy Anniversary Pat and Dan.. Ludy

    • PattiB PattiB says:

      Ellen and I had our share of drinks in NOLA but it was Tom and Dan that stumbled back to the hotel! Yes, Richard, they were drinking heavily because they had to put up with Ellen and me.
      Box of wine at the pool was a must and walking with drinks in plastic cups got too sloppy and for amateurs, so we put ours in water bottles so we could stay hydrated…besides, the water bottles hold more!

      • avatar Richard says:

        Pros use insulated drink containers with anti-spill features… keeps the G&T ice cold and are stumble proof.. thy shallt not waste alcohol… the republicans revoked the 11th commandment..

  5. avatar Richard says:

    Patti.. looks like a family tradition


    • PattiB PattiB says:

      Yes, we learned early from our grandparent’s how to drink…trips to the tavern were a family event. Make sure Sue doesn’t all down any stairs while she is drinking…she already had one broken leg! As my grandson, Ben would say, “No more Baca juice for you, Grandma Sue!”

      • avatar Richard says:

        Worse can happen in Key West would be to fall in the water… they don’t have any stairs to operate…