Birthday Boy Richard Celebrates!

Richard Celebrates His Birthday at LudyPalooza!

Richard Celebrates His Birthday at LudyPalooza!

Well, the celebration began on August 13th so we can just imagine how crazy the party is by now! Richard’s birthday is this Saturday, August 27th and in honor of his special day (and the Seeley National Holiday that I have just declared!) here is a video honoring his joyous spirit!


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8 Responses to Birthday Boy Richard Celebrates!

  1. PattiB PattiB says:

    Happy Birthday you dirty old man…hope you are enjoying the yodeling pickle and the beers….probably should have found a pickle that sang happy birthday but what the hell…I wish you good sailing, cold beers and no nagging females that you have to hang around with…miss you!

    • avatar Richard says:

      That yodeling pickle terrifies the tripod .. the two beagles couldn’t care less.. and I had no nagging females in Chicago.. they all knew their places…

  2. Sue B Sue B says:

    Love the birthday video! In honor of your birthday, Richard, I am off work for these next 5 days. Heading to Ann Arbor today!

    • avatar Janis says:

      Love Ann Arbor! Been there twice! Have a great 5 day Richard’s Birthday celebration! Have fun seeing your daughter!

    • avatar Richard says:

      just don’t get 119’d from the play.. and Daughter “A” is now the “nice one” one since Daughter “H” wouldn’t give me back my stuff..

  3. avatar Janis says:

    Can’t start the good wishes too soon! Happy Birthday, my friend!