Western-Belmont Will Completely Shut Down March 4 for Viaduct Demolition

Carlo was kind enough to send this in case you’d like to post it on your site. They are tearing down the Belmont Western overpass! I remember when that was put up and Mike, Tom, and I were riding in a car at a high speed with my Uncle Bill. We were flying up that ramp.   –  Janis

On Tuesday, the Chicago Department of Transportation announced the full closure of Western Avenue between Nelson and Roscoe, including the intersection at Belmont/Clybourn, beginning at 8 p.m. Friday March 4 and lasting through 5 a.m. Monday March 7.

That Monday morning, northbound Western will reopen on both sides of the intersection and southbound Western will reopen south of Belmont, the city said.

The southbound section of Western between Belmont and Roscoe won’t reopen until 5 a.m. on Tuesday, March 8.

Though CDOT had originally anticipated a second full closure would be needed, an accelerated demolition schedule has reduced that plan to just this one closure.

Detours will be in place between Diversey and Irving Park Road, with traffic diverted to Ashland Avenue. This route is the recommended alternative throughout the construction project, which is expected to last for 18 months through summer 2017.

Following the weekend demolition, there will only be one lane of traffic open on Western in each direction for five months.

After five months, two lanes of traffic will be open in each direction until the project is completed.

Once construction wraps up, there will be three lanes in each direction on this stretch of Western during rush hour, as well as a five-leg grade-level intersection at Western/Belmont/Clybourn.

The overpass was built in 1961 to relieve congestion in the area, which was then home to the Riverview Amusement Park.

Riverview closed at the end of the 1960s, and the overpass remained, allowing drivers on Western Avenue to sail over the Belmont-Clybourn intersection.

The overpass fell into disrepair and changing design standards made replacing the viaduct less feasible than tearing it down.

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By Patty Wetli | February 23, 2016 6:02pm
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2 Responses to Western-Belmont Will Completely Shut Down March 4 for Viaduct Demolition

  1. PattiB PattiB says:

    It has created a logistic nightmare around the neighborhood…they didn’t want to repair it because it was cheaper to tear it down, even though it was so convenient. They say it will now be a more pedestrian friendly area…screw that, where are all these people going to walk to…nothing around that area!

    • avatar Janis says:

      I can’t imagine the traffic headaches caused by this. Western Ave used to be a pretty easy path going south over this. We took it all the time when I lived in Chicago, because I liked Mariano’s in Roscoe Village! Real estate values will now improve a bit in that underdeveloped intersection by Belmont. (Seeley trivia: What did Jack Rokosz call Clybourn during his drag racing days? Anyone remember going with him to see him race there, and also at Montrose Beach?)