Cougars on the Prowl at Trivia Night at Luther High School

Trivia Night at Luther North High School. Each team/table has to have a theme and ours was ’70s pajama party. We had typical snacks, pizza, popcorn, candy, wine….a Twister game, a record player and 45s, magazines, a princess phone, hair dryer, curlers, hairspray. We didn’t do too well on Trivia but we aced in props.

Sue B

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11 Responses to Cougars on the Prowl at Trivia Night at Luther High School

  1. Sue B Sue B says:

    I’ve always wanted to play Trivial Pursuit with real pie. When you win the blue piece you eat blueberry pie, the brown piece-chocolate cream pie, etc.

  2. Sue B Sue B says:

    Yeah we were pretty hot. Esp Patti, there was some guy at the next table who couldn’t take his eyes off her. I don’t know if it was the Betty Boop pajamas or the perky hairdo.

    • avatar Janis says:

      Betty Boop PJs are adorable, but I love your black and white crossword puzzle ones! Where did you find those?

  3. avatar Janis says:

    Am home with a respiratory infection so just hanging out here! Did you girls have Boone’s Farm Strawberry Hill???! I only went to two slumber parties, one as a very young teen at Terri Sari’s new home in Park Ridge (Patti, do you remember that one? The group of us girls took a walk about the neighborhood very early on a Sunday morning, and some perv was in his car. I thought he was twiddling his thumbs, which you girls gave me a lot of sh*t about and joked about for the rest of the day! 😉 Second slumber party was in Cheryl’s basement. We were ready to sleep on the floor, and someone went to blow out the candle up on the cabinet, and the hot wax fell onto my neck and upper chest. Your trivia slumber party looks a lot safer! :p

    • PattiB PattiB says:

      I do remember both of those pajama parties, Janis. Do you remember that Terri had a soda fountain in that house in Park Ridge? I remember that at Cheryl’s there was secret drinking involved…maybe that contributed to the hot wax incident! No Boone’s Farm last Saturday but plenty of wine…kudo’s to everyone who brought the great props. As Sue said we didn’t do so hot on the trivia…in fact, Sue, we came in dead last I found out and won a…wait for it…a Trivial Pursuit game!!!

      • avatar Richard says:

        You should have put the other teams off their game… moments before a question was asked, you should flash them..

      • avatar Janis says:

        ohmy, I did not remember the soda fountain! That girl had the life, didn’t she? Did Myers and Bartz both like Terri at one time?(Her fan club would have grown even larger if she had stayed in the neighborhood!) Patti, who picked us up from Park Ridge? I don’t remember if it was your Dad, but your Dad drove me many times, always calling us “squirrelly girlies”! 🙂

  4. avatar Janis says:

    What a great idea, girls! And you do look like teenage girls, especially the snapshot of Patti and Sue leaning their heads together! Sue, love the styling tape across the forehead! This made me day! Completely delightful to see!!!