Hooray to all our veterans, Mike, Carlo, Bill, Tom Z and Tom L,, sons of Jim Gilbert and Patti and Dan, and my hero Joe Brown. Did I forget anyone?

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  1. avatar Richard says:

    As per Sue’s suggestion:

    • Sue B Sue B says:

      Thanks! I hope everybody likes it as much as I do.

      • avatar Birgit says:

        I absolutely love Pink. This was wonderful to watch. Thanks for posting it.

        • Sue B Sue B says:

          This song was a hidden track on her “I’m Not Dead” CD. I saw Pink in concert once, she was great. Not only the music, but she did this Cirque de Soleil routine that was stunning.

          • PattiB PattiB says:

            Great clip Sue…thanks for sharing. If you get the time check out “Taking Chance” it is an HBO film starring Kevin Bacon and it is a true story. It is moving in its simplicity.

  2. PattiB PattiB says:

    I was in school on Veterans Day because I believe the students should do some meaningful things to honor our veterans. We wrote letters to the troops and to our Honor Flight veterans, watched a documentary on Pearl Harbor, viewed the movie, “Taking Chance” and had a Vietnam Vet lead our chapel worship. I want my students to know that freedom isn’t free. Thanks to all the streeters ,as well as all of our relatives and friends who have served!

    • Jim Gilbert Jim Gilbert says:

      Very nice!

    • Sue B Sue B says:

      I so agree. When the kids were off school on Veterans Day it was just another day at the mall for them. I don’t know if the Chicago public schools are in session the schools here are, and they have special assemblies with honored speakers. This year Brookfield did their ceremony at the zoo, with posting of the colors, music, display of uniforms, and of course those Jesse White tumblers. It was very nice. I’ll have to check out that movie, Pat!

    • Sue B Sue B says:

      A song for the occasion: “I Have Seen the Rain”. Pink sings it with her dad, a Vietnam vet and the songwriter. Or watch the you-tube video

  3. Sue B Sue B says:

    And in case you’re wondering how I celebrated Veterans Day: I went to Brookfield Zoo with my daughter and grand daughter , where we saw the Jesse White Tumblers, including Jesse White himself, and a white boy!

  4. Sue B Sue B says:

    I tried to post this yesterday, on Veterans Day, but it didn’t work. Happy Belated Veterans Day, as well as happy belated birthday to Patti and Myself