Politics or Pets? Choose Your Discussion!

sparkyDonaldTrump&Dog Well, since my Mom and Mr. Brown put up opposing lawn signs (HHH and Nixon, respectively), we know that good neighbors can respectfully disagree. The 2016 election is off to a rollicking start, with Trump getting lots of screen time, and quieter candidates jockeying for position. Opinions? If you wish to steer clear of debate, here are pet pics. The first is Sparky our dog (taken yesterday) and the second is Trump with a dog look alike (although that is the breed of his actual dog, Spinee, who is recovering from surgery!)


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One Response to Politics or Pets? Choose Your Discussion!

  1. avatar Janis says:

    I am of two minds with Trump…the first is that he is an interesting fellow but a bit of a nutter, the whole birther thing with Obama (although no sane person can believe that so he must have been just seeking press?) and my second take on him is that he is a nutter, but he is finally sweeping some, just some, of the bs out of the candidate’s talk and some fresh air is coming in? Will he really put the middle class first? Does he want to have the rich pay a bigger portion of taxes? While I am sure that he also is cagey regarding the issues he seems to represent, I think that he is out there breaking down talking point boundaries that have been long entrenched and boring, so I applaud him for that.

    I am a Hillary girl; I was when President Obama ran and I wanted Hillary for the first 8 years, followed by Obama. Barack won the nomination first, and he’s brought great changes! So you know my lawn sign; what’s yours? :);)