Brilliant B-day Wishes for Richard on Thursday Aug. 27!!!

RichardBackInUSAParadiseRichardBdayA certain Seeley someone aka Sue called me to make sure this topic went up! Ralph created this composite for me a couple of years ago from a file of pics I sent, so many thanks to RM!!! Love you, Wheet! Have a great…ohmy…65th? You still look like a kid to me! Here’s a few more pics of our favorite Texan!normal_nevadanormal_mike_2014 Fondly, Janis


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17 Responses to Brilliant B-day Wishes for Richard on Thursday Aug. 27!!!

  1. avatar Janis says:

    Put new pic from Richard at top of this post! :)

  2. avatar Janis says:

    Added a new picture above! He comes back on Sunday, but until then…he is in Paradise!

  3. avatar Janis says:

    Yet a NEW tropical storm was hitting the boat Richard was on last night! We need him back safe and sound…too many adventures this time!!!

  4. avatar Janis says:

    Happy Birthday tomorrow, Admiral Wheet! Was this the worst storm you have sailed in?

  5. PattiB PattiB says:

    So glad you weathered the storms and are back in Waco to celebrate your birthday, as well as Sue and my birthday! I am having a gin and tonic in your honor and then several more just for the hell of it! Happy Birthday, Richard!!

    • Sue B Sue B says:

      Well Richard is not back in Wacko, he is celebrating his birthday somewhere in the Caribbean which sounds great but the weather blows. Literally. And he can’t get on the internet to read all these bday wishes but we can text him.

      • PattiB PattiB says:

        I am sure Richard can find a bar to hole up in while he waits out the storm and celebrates his birthday…and ours! I tried to text him but my land line doesn’t seem to be able to do that!
        Happy freakin birthday any way, Richard!!!

  6. Sue B Sue B says:

    So Richard, do you share your birthday with anyone? And where are the pictures from your Virgin Island trip? You know, the ones with you in them. To quote someone, “no pictures, didn’t happen”.

    • avatar Richard says:

      Sent pictures but I have a problem taking a picture of myself… no one else on the boat could take a picture (and the camera survive) much less focus (both the camera and themselves)..