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Reorganization of Daily Image Comments! We are going to do away with this sticky post and just start using individual posts for each daily image. Therefore, the girls will always have Ralph’s cheesecake. The comments here are getting to confused and there are many… Just changing to a more organized system.

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  1. PattiB PattiB says:

    How about Vogue by Madinna…strike a pose, Ralph! Who knew he was the first Calvin Klein underwear model!!

  2. avatar Mammomary says:

    Ralph, the only song that comes to mind is by Chicago. It goes, “I’m a man, yes I am and I can’t help but love you so!!.” You are a hottie, no doubt in my mind. As I have said before, Theresa is one lucky gal.

  3. avatar Carlo D. Lombardo says:


    Beatitude is a word, but not as you used it. A beatitude is a supreme (from God) blessing, or a state of blessedness. The speech Jesus gave (Sermon on the Mount) were called the Beatitudes, and all started “Blessed are the…’
    I never thought I would use that piece of historic info. (Anybody have a Calculus question?)

    You meant it as classic Greco-roman form, I think. Or just hot as the modern vernacular describes it.

    Ralph, I remember 28 inch waists. Jesus and I were running around playing tag in the Mediterranean, just before he wrote the sermon. God, what beatitude!

  4. avatar ralphie says:

    When was this picture taken??? 2006? I haven’t changed a bit, other than the hair color, stomach size, etc. Actually I was posing for either GQ Magazine or Playgirl, don’t remember. Actually, it’s kind of funny but those shorts still fit… only one leg though…

  5. avatar ralphie says:

    OK OK, that’s enough. This is rather embarrassing. Wait till my kids see this. Thanks Janis, you’re a pal. 😐

    • avatar Richard says:

      Wait until I retouch the photo and give that beer belly, grey balding hair and man-boobs… then the kids will recognize you

    • Sue B Sue B says:

      This picture is better than I remembered. What a pity, though, that we can’t see those soccer legs.

  6. avatar Janis says:

    stfu, because we know that it’s trite to say “what’s good for the goose, is good for the gander” but girls, take a gander at Ralph!!! Yes, this request comes ala Sue in direct response to you guys going gaga! over Ms. B’s “beautitude”!!! (is that a word?)

    But, every female here deeply appreciates this FAB pose from one of our favorite guys!!

  7. avatar Carlo D. Lombardo says:

    Richard , whom are you calling old?

    • avatar Richard says:

      If the shoe fits.. we should wear it… we are no longer the people out parents warned us about… we are now warners…

  8. avatar ralphie says:

    Where’s Bonnie’s picture?

  9. avatar ralphie says:

    who’s drooling???? SLURP

    • Jim Gilbert jim gilbert says:

      I’ve read at least four requests for that photo of Bonnie to be reposted!

    • avatar Richard says:

      Tsk tsk… they would call you a dirty old man in those days… these days they toss you in jail

      • Jim Gilbert jim gilbert says:

        You created this Monster, Doctor Wheetenstein!

        • avatar Carlo D. Lombardo says:


          You remember Doctor Alucard? Robbing Fort Knox? Diana Hoessrich rewrote it because she had legible script? First thing we wrote (actually you wrote most of it) after Walk Don’t Run and Woolly Bully? We must have been 12 or so. That Doctor Wheetenstein reference
          resurrected that image. Thank you!

        • avatar Richard says:

          Can’t blame me for creating Ralph… he is a product of nature… a mistake perhaps… but he is what he is and will be what he will be until Theresa finds out

  10. PattiB PattiB says:

    Having spent all of my youthful summers at that lake it is pronounced “Boner”.

    • avatar Janis says:

      I have wonderful memories of Bohner’s Lake despite the silly comments of the boys in our group regarding the pronunciation! 🙂 Patti, you and Beth were so generous to invite us city kids there, and I absolutely loved it!!!

      I either forgot or didn’t own a bathing suit, and I was shy and Pat’s Mom showed me this chest upstairs that had these suits in it and she insisted lots of people borrowed suits from them. She made it sound so matter-of-fact, that I put on a two piece (trust me, I did not look as good as Bonnie in the picture you drool fools are crazy about!) but I had a blast playing in the water!

      Thank you so much, Patti (and Beth!) for making this a big part of our memories, too!

  11. Bill Bartz Bill Bartz says:

    Sue has a bottomless album? Do we really want to go there?

  12. avatar ralphie says:

    No comment!

  13. Sue B Sue B says:

    It’s BO-ner. Really.

  14. avatar Carlo D. Lombardo says:

    Of course I didn’t want to go there. Looks German, so I must say Bey-ner. Still, this is America and the most embarrassing pronunciation will prevail. I suspect some Protestants changed it to sound like Bonner.

  15. avatar ralphie says:

    AAAHHHHH, to be young again….. By the way… how does one pronounce Bohner?

    • avatar Richard says:

      I have a sailing friend and he pronounces it a BAY-ner … he came from Germany and they just dropped the umlaut “o” … and adjusted it since the US doesn’t pronounce umlauts… so in essence I agree with Carlos .. but others could pronounce differently over time…

  16. avatar Carlo D. Lombardo says:

    Thanks, sergeant. I never left. I just can’t be available all the time. I just recognized Mike F. Man, that kicked the back of my head! I agree with you though, Bonnie’s picture is supoib. Kind of like Elle MacPherson in her first Victoria’s. (1985?)

  17. avatar ralphie says:

    Welcome back Carlo.

  18. avatar Carlo D. Lombardo says:

    All right, now. Let’s temper this butt biting business with some calm resolve. There’ll be no butt biting unless all parties agree. To paraphrase John Wayne at the end of Shepherd of the Hills, “I’m in a marryin’ mood, if someone’ll ask real perty.” No butt biting without someone asks real pretty. Ralph, because of your offer of protection, you are now officially the sergeant-at-arms of this union of reuners. And that’s my rulin’.
    Personal to any administrator: You have my permission to censor this.

    • avatar Richard says:

      No one would censor John Wayne around here… but, of course, I’m in Texas… as far as butt biting goes.. it’s okay.. but ass biting would not be allowed since PETA would picket the site… so please white out the part of your computer screen that uses the term “ass biting”…

  19. avatar ralphie says:

    I’ll protect you Sue, don’t worry

  20. Sue B Sue B says:

    I have a feeling I’m going to get paid back for this picture of Mike. My old photo album is going to bite me in the butt. I love it.

    • avatar Richard says:

      Just because you took a picture of Mike after he stayed up for 72 hours studying for exams, shouldn’t leave teeth marks in your lower back side…

  21. avatar ralphie says:

    I still like Bonnie’s picture a lot better, I don’t care what anybody says.

  22. avatar Janis says:

    Well, we had to juxtapose something after all that gushing over Bonnie’s pic! So to cleanse the palate, I give you “Mike and a Hamper!” If anyone here doesn’t know Mike, he is a good guy, smart, fun and athletic! And he was a talented musician on the piano, and even taught me how to play a number of songs, including “Lonely Days, Lonely Nights” as well as “Jesus Christ, Superstar.” Like all of you, I can’t wait to see him in May at the reunion!

    So be kind with your comments here, because there’s lots of incriminating photos in Sue’s bottomless album, and you never know who will be next!!! 😉

  23. Jim Gilbert jim gilbert says:

    Oh, sure! Lure me back with this photo of Bonnie Blue. This just ain’t right. Farrah Fawcett, eat your heart out!

  24. avatar Mammomary says:

    Wow, what a pic of the day today!!! Bon, pink is your color. I agree with Patti. Low key days and happy nights. Thanks for the memories.

  25. avatar ralphie says:

    Your little thingy with the User name – Add new – Comments. I like it, very clever.

  26. avatar ralphie says:

    Richard, I like your little thingy at the top of the browser, cool.

    • avatar Richard says:

      What little thingy? Do you mean the short cut on top versus scrolling down on the right.. hate scrolling…

  27. avatar ralphie says:

    Janis, I was listening to a streaming German radio station when they played that song, I kind of liked it although I couldn’t understand the words.

  28. PattiB PattiB says:

    That photo of Bonnie brings up wonderful memories of days spent at the lake with great friends…no cares and life was filled with possibilities.

  29. avatar ralphie says:

    quando un sogno diventa realta

  30. avatar ralphie says:

    New picture….. Wow, what a hottie!!!!!!!

  31. avatar Carlo D. Lombardo says:

    Often, of course. Maybe there’s something to that evangelical alcohol phobia. Affects the mind to fingertip coordination.

  32. avatar Carlo D. Lombardo says:


    Please stay in touch. The reunion at the Brown’s is three months away. I cannot think of not seeing your scintillating prose until then. Also, I just found the picture of June 27, 1964 when we graduated Audubon and almost everbody came to my house for a party. I believe my mother received 95 phone calls the next day from angry parents asking why she wanted to poison their children with that homemade Italian wine. (Cultural problem: 14 year-old kids drank wine in Italy in those days. She didn’t know America had an evangelical phobia about drinking alcohol.)
    Anyway, among others present and photographed were you, Buddy Myers, Dickie Wheet, Ken Fitze, Rolf Klotz, Tony Woodruff, John Meier, and Tom Cosmen. If I can find a way to scan it and send it, I will. Judy’s good at scanning, since she finished her dissertation eight years ago. If she has some time I’ll ask her to scan this and another picture (Audubon Office Messengers) with a couple dozen from the past including Mike Lyons, Danny Anelli, Carol Nellis, Eddie Seaburg, Steve Zieman, Joe Neuman, Gary Hutchins, Greg Gaertner, Connie Swenson, Greg Valent, Tim Butenuth, and the rest, here on Calogero’s island. Stay with us, brother; at least check in every so oftern.

    • avatar Janis says:

      I would love to see those pictures, Carlo! If you get a chance, or when Judy has time (and I know you are both busy), I will cross my fingers that you get them to this website somehow! Those would get a big reaction as the Pic of the Day!!!

      Jim, “it’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood…a beautiful day for a neighbor…won’t you please, won’t you please, please won’t you be….our neighbor!!!!” 🙂 😉

  33. avatar Janis says:

    Did you see that Richard put a link to Nickelback’s song, “Photograph” at the top of the page by our Daily Image to go with the latest pics from Sue’s album???? I had never heard this song until he posted it. Here’s the lyrics from azlyrics.com. This struck me as poignant.


    Look at this photograph
    Every time I do it makes me laugh
    How did our eyes get so red
    And what the hell is on Joey’s head

    And this is where I grew up
    I think the present owner fixed it up
    I never knew we’d ever went without
    The second floor is hard for sneaking out

    And this is where I went to school
    Most of the time had better things to do
    Criminal record says I broke in twice
    I must have done it half a dozen times

    I wonder if it’s too late
    Should i go back and try to graduate
    Life’s better now than it was back then
    If I was them I wouldn’t let me in

    Oh, oh, oh
    Oh, god, I

    Every memory of looking out the back door
    I had the photo album spread out on my bedroom floor
    It’s hard to say it, time to say it
    Goodbye, goodbye.
    Every memory of walking out the front door
    I found the photo of the friend that I was looking for
    It’s hard to say it, time to say it
    Goodbye, goodbye.

    Remember the old arcade
    Blew every dollar that we ever made
    The cops hated us hangin’ out
    They say somebody went and burned it down

    We used to listen to the radio
    And sing along with every song we know
    We said someday we’d find out how it feels
    To sing to more than just the steering wheel

    Kim’s the first girl I kissed
    I was so nervous that I nearly missed
    She’s had a couple of kids since then
    I haven’t seen her since god knows when

    Oh, oh, oh
    Oh, god, I

    Every memory of looking out the back door
    I had the photo album spread out on my bedroom floor
    It’s hard to say it, time to say it
    Goodbye, goodbye.
    Every memory of walking out the front door
    I found the photo of the friend that I was looking for
    It’s hard to say it, time to say it
    Goodbye, goodbye.

    I miss that town
    I miss the faces
    You can’t erase
    You can’t replace it
    I miss it now
    I can’t believe it
    So hard to stay
    Too hard to leave it

    If I could I relive those days
    I know the one thing that would never change

    Every memory of looking out the back door
    I had the photo album spread out on my bedroom floor
    It’s hard to say it, time to say it
    Goodbye, goodbye.
    Every memory of walking out the front door
    I found the photo of the friend that I was looking for
    It’s hard to say it, time to say it
    Goodbye, goodbye.

    Look at this photograph
    Every time I do it makes me laugh
    Every time I do it makes me…

  34. Jim Gilbert jim gilbert says:

    Thanks for input, but it’s probably best for me at this time to log out. looking forward to hopefully seeing all of you at end of May.

  35. Jim Gilbert jim gilbert says:

    Maybe yours truly is way too excited with this website. It is a new Spring for me. I probably need to settle down and take it as it comes, but the damn poet/romantic in me wants some Life out of this. I realize I left the ‘hood’ in 1966, so I lost touch with the boys and all the dumb beautiful girls(stupid me). The photos/memories everyone is sharing are wonderful to my soul. WOW! Life in Black & white! Being the oldest dog in this group, I guess I have more history to relate to, but I am a bit disappointed no one has ventured any responses to my dozen plus questions. Maybe I should act my age, but that will never happen. With Love-Jimmy Gilbert

    • avatar Richard says:

      Best place to ask the “dozen plus questions” is on the Forum… it’s a bit more organized and the topics are made so they don’t bounce around from one post to another… start a new topic there.. ask a question.. and see the results… start another topic.. ask the question.. etc…

      You can also gossip live with the chatty kathies… (chat mode)..
      I now added video to show online stuff (it is also suppose to do video chat, but I’m not to confident in that part)

  36. avatar Janis says:

    Big thanks (THANKS!!!!!!) to Ms. Sue B, for keeping this wonderful album of early Seeley streeters and allowing us to scan them in so everyone can enjoy!!! Sue, you rock!!!!!!

    • Jim Gilbert jim gilbert says:

      Lechery is an under appreciated Art. Or is it, Art is an under appreciated Lecher? I will grope for the answer!

  37. avatar ralphie says:

    Elle, Patti and Beth???? Why wasn’t I invited to the party? I like cheesecake.

    • PattiB PattiB says:

      Trouble with cheesecake, Ralph, is that it ends up on your thighs and bum years later! And, Ralph, we are recreating this moment and your invitation is in the mail!!

  38. avatar Mammomary says:

    Great pic of the day. In fact, they have all sparked happy memories. I remember that day when that pic was taken, too. I still remember Jack’s infectious laugh and think that I can do a good imitation with a couple of Weisbier’s in me.

  39. PattiB PattiB says:

    Great pic of Jack, Sue and Cheryl ! Jack always was a handsome guy…any pic of him with Ellen?

    • avatar Janis says:

      I agree, Patti. It’s a great picture! Jack was good looking, but I never noticed it at the time, because he would drink a little and then act a little lecherous, but to his credit, would always back off.

      In Sue’s album, there are pictures of Ellen and Jack, but Ellen was dating Mike by then. They just happened to be caught together in some party pics. They will come up in the rotation at some point so watch for them.

  40. avatar ralphie says:

    WOW Janis, that latest picture of Sue, Jack and Cheryl is unbelievable. One thing I don’t understand… How did Jack get 2 girls hanging around him?

    • avatar Carlo D. Lombardo says:

      Wow! That’s how I remember Sue, and I had completely forgotten Cheryl, although it is against my nature to forget such heart-stopping pulchritude. Jack and his Mother lived in the coachhouse behind me on Damen, when I left the Seeley house and moved to 3306 Damen.
      It must have been Jack’s infectious smile that attracted him to two such lovely examples of womanhood. I miss him; we were drinking buddies. He and my brother Pete were good pals.

    • Sue B Sue B says:

      Jack would call us “Tomatos”, but it came out “TAMATAS”, and coming from him it wasn’t offensive. Remember how he’d “sip some suds and catch some flicks on the boob tube”?

      • avatar Janis says:

        Yes, he was the first person who I heard say “sip some suds in the tub.” I had never pictured anyone doing that before! And I do remember him calling us “tomatoes” in that funny “TAMATAS” way! hahahaha!

  41. avatar ralphie says:

    Ron Gorski

  42. avatar Carlo D. Lombardo says:

    Janis, Ron who?

    • avatar Janis says:

      Yes, Ralph is right. Carlo, you may remember him…he went to Lane Tech, and was a friend to all the folks you know from the neighborhood. He used to play Avalon Hill games with Mike and the other neighborhood boys. Mike once told me that Ron loved to read J. R. R. Tolkien books during lunch at Lane.

      If you check out the December and January reunion pictures, you will see his brother Rich, who resembles the picture of Ron that I posted here. Rich passed the Seeley initiation last December, (i.e., he stayed out drinking with the group) and in now a full Seeley Streeter! 🙂

      • avatar Carlo D. Lombardo says:

        I will research the Lane yearbooks. I probably know him very well and just clicked off for 40 years. I did that with a lot of the past when I returned from the war. I’ll check it out. We were probably very good friends.

        Thank you. Genuinely.

        • avatar Richard says:

          He was in the Lane Tech lunch group and a later addition to the Seeley Street group probably after the period you drifted off…

          • avatar Carlo D. Lombardo says:

            I didn’t drift off as much as I found some other streets in Chicago to explore, like Italy. You know, you grow. (Apologies to our late brother Carlin)
            Thanks for that update. I will research this more when I arrive home tonight.

  43. avatar Janis says:

    Oh, Ron! There’s something so serene about that picture of him! I miss him.

  44. PattiB PattiB says:

    I know lots of Germans…half my family and most of the people at St. Luke…the Geistlinger, Muschitz, Blum, Zimmer, and Gruber families to name a few!

  45. PattiB PattiB says:

    Is this in honor of Ralph’s birthday which is on Thursday? Happy Birthday, Ralphie…you don’t look a day over 19…at least in that photo! Still the sexiest German I know!!

  46. Sue B Sue B says:

    I want the picture of Mike Fiechtner by the hamper

  47. avatar ralphie says:

    Theresa just looked at it laughed uncontrollably… my own wife….

  48. avatar ralphie says:

    I was trying out for the movie Bullitt but got beat out by Steve McQueen, missed it by that much… Looks like some damn hippie to me.

  49. avatar Janis says:

    Is that Ralph in the Seeley Street Mobile? Congratulations on being the Pic of the Day!

  50. avatar Janis says:

    Richard!!!! Awk! Yes, that 12 year old girl in the stylish hat is me, but this image has been seriously photo shopped, as I appear to be standing next to Peter Noone, “Herman” of Herman’s Hermits! And what’s that cobblestone street? Am I in England? Now we know something’s up, because yours truly has never touched English sod!

    Richard gave me my first albums of Herman’s Hermits, which made me love him and Noone. I knew every single song on the albums, and even took his poster (not the one in that pic but one that came in the album!) once to a very early party in the Brown’s basement (both Kathy and Mary had friends there) and sat the Herman picture next to me on the couch. Jim Zito said, “who’s this? Herman?” I thought he was going to make fun of me, but he added, “He’s cool. He gets all the beautiful girls.” Okay, that’s an obvious line, now, but at the time it almost made me move the poster.

    Watch this page for even more embarrassing “streeter” photos to come….

    • PattiB PattiB says:

      Janis-It looks like you finally made it out of the country…and to jolly ole England! Loved Peter Noone, too. Caught Herman’s Hermits when they came to the Arie Crown…saw the Dave Clark 5 there, as well. I think you and Peter make a lovely couple. We girls had our posters…the guys had their blow-up dolls!