Sue’s Front Porch Mama

Richard – Waco Texas

Janis’ Ledge? – New York, NY

Sue – Brookfield, Illinois

Bonnie – Podunk, West Virginia

Jim – Bozo, Wisconsin

The Late Mike F’s Porch (Chicago, Il) – the porch.. not Mike…

Bill’s Porch (Chicago, Il)

Sue B

About Sue B

The Front Porch Mama is here to guide you on an exclusive tour of porches all over the world. A budding wizkid code slinging mommy.
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14 Responses to Sue’s Front Porch Mama

  1. avatar Richard says:

    Sue’s Front Porch Mama has two new additions.. Bill B’s porch and the late Mike F’s porch (the porch, not Mike)

    • PattiB PattiB says:

      I remember walking by Mike’s house daily and seeing his mom. She was either stringing the garden house along the brick wall of their house in perfect loops or cleaning out the cracks in the sidewalk with a toothbrush. She was so nice and we often chatted about how she wanted me to date Mike and not Ellen since I was German and Ellen wasn’t. I would even visit her when Mike and his parents moved to Skokie. Like all German homes their was a breakfast nook and a lot of blonde wood. Sorry to see it go…my old porch on Oakley looks almost the same and of course on Melrose we had no front porch so we sat next door on the Well’s front porch.

      • avatar Richard says:

        It was always interesting when Mike and I would have stuff strung all around his room…

      • avatar Janis says:

        Great story, about Mike’s mother liking you! One of my girlfriends said to me, “you never get the girl you pick as your daughter in law.” I think that’s true.

        I saw Mike’s mom a couple of times, but only got to talk to her once when I was over. I remember it was a night Mike played “Here Comes the Sun.” Factoid: Did you know Mike F taught me several songs on the piano? One was the Beegees, Lonely Days, Lonely Nights. He liked the honky tonk sound of my Grandmother’s Baldwin from the turn of the century.

  2. PattiB PattiB says:

    I’ll post some of my front porch pics soon…it looks like Bonnie also let see what life was like in the back of her West Virginia abode!

  3. Sue B Sue B says:

    How lucky am I?! I just got home from seeing Jurassic Pk 3D with my son and nephew, and although I’ve seen that movie about 20 times, I have to admit it was a little scary in IMAX 3D. I also notice something different every time I see it.

    • avatar Janis says:

      It’s an amazing movie, isn’t it? My son loves it, too! I think he and some friends are planning on seeing it in 3D. Everything was dinosaurs, dinosaurs, dinosaurs when he was growing up. I had the nursery in Disney babies, but his Carter one-sies had green dinosaurs on them. For a while, I thought Joe would become a paleontologist! His obsession went on for years, and is still present in a milder form.

    • avatar Janis says:

      P.S. Love the “Sue’s Front Porch Mama” category!!!!!! 🙂 😉

  4. avatar Richard says:

    Okay.. we have three porch’s Under Sue’s Front Porch Mama (actually two porches and a pigeon poo covered ledge) … let’s keep them coming…

  5. avatar Richard says:

    Okay.. I started the porch page… just send me your photos via email to Richard and he’ll add them to the Front Porch Mama’s Rogue Gallery…