What Nifty Stuff Are You Starting This Year Off With?

First sail of 2013 on Lake Waco… 50 degrees with a 10 knot wind… which means in Texas, a sweat shirt, a foul weather jacket, a fleece jacket, sweat pants, and sailing pants… warm and toasty…

So.. how does everyone else plan to start the year of 2013?

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10 Responses to What Nifty Stuff Are You Starting This Year Off With?

  1. Jim Gilbert Jim Gilbert says:

    Sue- Nice. Thanks.

  2. PattiB PattiB says:

    Love the reading and drinking idea…also a good read, is Bob Greene’s “And You Know You Should Be Glad”…book about life long friendships as we age…not Chicago, but Midwestern (Ohio), but many of their memories hold true for us.

  3. avatar Janis says:

    I am writing again. Not the kindergarten musings I am accused of doing in this blog (wtf? It’s not my fault I let down my guard and prattle endlessly with you folk!), but back to the writing that I know. Cheers! (making eye contact while I say that so I don’t have a year of bad sex.) 🙂

    • avatar Richard says:

      I see you’ve also graduated this year to a 16 oz… now to get you weaned off the light stuff to the regular stuff…


      • Jim Gilbert Jim Gilbert says:

        I think it is pretty cool we “found” Michael Raleigh as one of our neighborhood writers. I don’t remember how/why/when I came across Flynns’ novel, but it sure worked out well, blessing so many. The other established neighborhood writer is my little brother Carlo Lombardo, who is working on his next installment. Raleigh has mentioned he enjoys doing readings. I don’t know what his $$$fees are, if any, but it would be great to have an evening of literature and beer. Probably wouldn’t be too tough to coax the Irishman to a reading, pay his fee, give him lots of beer, and get our $$$ back. If there is an issue, the girls would offer him “favors”, and all is well the next morning. Best idea I’ve had all day–and it is still early.

        • avatar Janis says:

          It would be very cool to meet him. And yes! Carlo is our resident writer and I have been riveted by 3 pieces so far that I have read of his.

        • Sue B Sue B says:

          I think this could be done. He told me he rides his bike down Roscoe, wouldn’t the Village Tap be a perfect place? The beer garden! Plus it would be a good place for Mike Lyons (he likes summer outings). I have brought Michael Raleigh to the attention of my local library people, I’m hoping we can have him speak here. We have this great bar called Irish Times. also a perfect place. I just finished reading his book Body in Belmont Harbor, the second of his detective series.

          • Jim Gilbert Jim Gilbert says:

            Sue- Love your idea! And if Michael is running on a tight schedule, we send Ralph outside to let the air out of both his bicycle tires, so he is with us the entire afternoon! Is ‘Irish Times’ in Brookfield?

          • Sue B Sue B says:

            Irish Times is indeed in Brookfield, and within walking distance of my house so I actually drink there. There are MANY bars in Brookfield and a few times a year we have pub crawls, with trolleys taking us from bar to bar, and each bar has live music, I think there are 12 bars that participate, and that’s not even all the bars in town. I do favor Irish Times. Good food, nice beer garden, no hoodlums.