Travel Log 15-March-2012 – Munich

I've been waiting and waiting and drinking and drinking.......

Where is everyone?


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9 Responses to Travel Log 15-March-2012 – Munich

  1. avatar Janis says:

    Happy St. Patrick’s, revelers! Patti, I like this picture! What’s the story behind it?

  2. Jim Gilbert jim gilbert says:


    • Jim Gilbert jim gilbert says:

      Patti- You are making me soooo thirsty!

      • avatar Richard says:

        Remember that she is not drinking light beer (you can tell from the photo since you can see beer)… and the last time you drank real beer at Lashits and John Barleycorn, you suffered the next day…

  3. avatar Richard says:

    Patti… Didn’t Ralph text you… guess he messed up once again… We got thrown out of the Hofbrauhaus … Entirey Ralph’s fault…I was nicely stacking steins .. Had 5 layers of them… But then Ralph stumbles into them and poof. .. No more pyramid … They got all upset because in the process he spilled my freshly … Almost full… Beer…

    So we are the Weisse Brun… Just go out the front door, turn left.. Cross the first street.. The next street Ts go about 50 feet to your right and there is another street going in the original direction… Go to the next cross street, turn left and the place is about 100 feet down that street…

    I didn’t note the street names because it was hard enough carrying two full beer steins in my left hand and Ralph thrown over my right shoulder… He was sloshing beer all over me from the two steins he was drinking from in both of his hands…

  4. Jim Gilbert jim gilbert says:

    LOVE IT!! Patti- Trying out for the team?!
    Where am I? I’m down the street at the Irish Pub where real men with long pants drink! Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!!!