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The Front Porch Mama is here to guide you on an exclusive tour of porches all over the world. A budding wizkid code slinging mommy.

Bonnie’s Got a Brand New Gig

I’m so proud of my sister who is currently taking a bartending class with her son Mickey. They are learning many terrific things and sharing their knowledge with me. There is a drink called a Blue Motherfucker. There’s another drink called a Red Headed Slut and it becomes a Lindsay Lohan if you add a little coke.


Richard’s Birthday!

With a Special Happy Birthday Song Sue Style



It’s going to be a GRANDDAUGHTER!


Sue’s Front Porch Mama

Richard – Waco Texas

Janis’ Ledge? – New York, NY

Sue – Brookfield, Illinois

Bonnie – Podunk, West Virginia

Jim – Bozo, Wisconsin

The Late Mike F’s Porch (Chicago, Il) – the porch.. not Mike…

Bill’s Porch (Chicago, Il)


Sue B Here!

Hello everyone, I have no idea what I’m doing but I thought you should know this:  Ludy and I were at Holiday Magic at Brookfield Zoo tonight and she got CARDED when she bought a drink!  and Dickie says we’re getting old.

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