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Geek Goddess with mad coding skills. In the words of Janis: "Talent, multidimensional expertise, with skills that are extraordinarily better than most. And for those who don't compute..I got mad skills!"

Politics or Pets? Choose Your Discussion!

sparkyDonaldTrump&Dog Well, since my Mom and Mr. Brown put up opposing lawn signs (HHH and Nixon, respectively), we know that good neighbors can respectfully disagree. The 2016 election is off to a rollicking start, with Trump getting lots of screen time, and quieter candidates jockeying for position. Opinions? If you wish to steer clear of debate, here are pet pics. The first is Sparky our dog (taken yesterday) and the second is Trump with a dog look alike (although that is the breed of his actual dog, Spinee, who is recovering from surgery!)

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Brilliant B-day Wishes for Richard on Thursday Aug. 27!!!

RichardBackInUSAParadiseRichardBdayA certain Seeley someone aka Sue called me to make sure this topic went up! Ralph created this composite for me a couple of years ago from a file of pics I sent, so many thanks to RM!!! Love you, Wheet! Have a great…ohmy…65th? You still look like a kid to me! Here’s a few more pics of our favorite Texan!normal_nevadanormal_mike_2014 Fondly, Janis


December in Chicago! Who can resist?????!


I’m baaaaaaaaaaaack! (jk)

I have a hint from Ms. Patti that a winter reunion is in the discussion, so here’s a picture of me getting ready for a return visit to my childhood home. (This is a real Chicago blizzard picture from Feb 2, 2011, but alas, it is not moi.)

I live to see you guys again but seeing as how I can’t seem to pull the trigger on getting there, I beg your forbearance! But I want to come, always, and as a junior moderator here, I am getting this discussion up and running in case Mr. Wheet is drinking about it, I mean, thinking about it! 🙂


From Seeley to St John: Richard’s View in the Virgin Islands

Richard'sViewStJohn Seriously, how peaceful is this? I am so happy to think of a Seeley kid in Paradise!ReturningHero


Spring/Summer 2015!


Aug10GalentinesHellooooo! Look at the pic of the day! Those are lego sets, and yes, I love legos! The Quik-E-Mart was given to Paul from Joe for his June bday, but after playing with it twice, he got too busy, so I built it. That led to me buying The Big Bang Theory that I am presently working on in my down time. Paul said we will take all the sets and make them a Christmas village and string it with lights in December.

We have been a little busy. Paul had two heart procedures (during the first, he had a small heart attack while they were putting the left stents in), 3 crises (once he stopped breathing for 15 seconds) as well as a post procedure complication that had the femoral site leaking. He is the poster child for good blood flow now and he looks and feels great! His high dose chemo (from years ago) had caused his artery walls to collapse. He is now, officially, bionic! Our family went to Universal Studios/Islands of Adventure in June to celebrate everything!

So hiiiiiiiiii! Fondly, Janis


Cheryl’s Birthday TODAY, Feb 11th!!!!

The GOOD news is I snail mailed Cheryl a Birthday card; the embarrassing news is, I thought her birthday was tomorrow! Cripes! No excuse, because I remembered her birthdays when she was teen. I blame that Feb 12 famous Lincoln B-day date with messing me up this year 🙂 Happy Birthday Cheryl! Have a sparkling celebration!


Ludy’s Birthday, February 3!!!!

Ludy! I am sooo sorry I dropped the ball on this!!!! Blame it on winter, or on my pity party that I have been so sick all week, but I missed your Birthday!!!!! Happiest Birthday to fave streeter, Ludy! I hope your year is filled with golfing fun on Thursdays 😉 outings with your sis Mary Guin and your many friends, and much travel!

Health & Happiness to you Always! Love, Janis


2015!!! Is that Possible????!


HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! 2015 (wow!) Any resolutions?


Key West Exclusive! New Photos Added Daily (or Sooner!)

normal_GirlsAtDinnernormal_IslandDogBarnormal_KeyWestTreasurenormal_PattiIslandDogBarBloodyMarynormal_SueBRichardSuePattinormal_SueInSharknormal_SueJoieDeKeyWestCheck out this gorgeous photo of (from left to right) Patti’s cousin Sue, then Patti, and of course, Sue B enjoying drinks at 90 Mile Lounge in Key West! Clearly, all have kindly offered to be the designated drinker for the evening 😉 Keep the pictures coming, guys! I would love to see some with the whole group, too, so Richard and Birgit, get in there for a selfie!!! Update! You asked for it, you got it! Scroll down and see Richard in the middle of those beauties, and there’s a couple more pictures of Birgit now, too! These kids have been out and about so much I can barely keep up with this post! Looks like the Aquarium, the Island Dog Bar…wherever they are, this truly looks like Paradise!!!Patti'sCousinSue, Patti&SueB


Happy 64th Bday to Mike, and Happy 40th Wedding Anniversary to Mike & Chris!

Happy Birthday to my big brother Mike on Monday June 30! May you have a wonderful year! And on Sunday, June 29th, Chris and Mike celebrate 40 years of marriage! Congratulations to both of you! We look forward to your 50th! Cheers!