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The Seeley Street Ice Chest Attends the MMM Party The Day of the Dead Party


“The Pants” are Back !

There has been much email discussion about the infamous “PANTS” …

Sue indicates they are going into winter storage. Various accounts indicate that they were offered to Good Will but rejected.

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Party With Birgit – Just Because They Could

October 22, 2017 – Birgit’s Domain

Legal Notice – signed consent forms for all participants – release form for the venue – after legal discussions about ownership (PETA won) paw print was approved..

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Happy Birthday Jim



Happy Birthday Billy B

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Happy Birthday Little Sister of Sue

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Ludypalooza 2017 – Arrghh Matey, There be Pyrates September 16


The Seeley Street Pub

A place to have a cold beer, a few shots, and a small frozen pizza. Just throw the peanuts shells on the floor; the beer wench will clean them up later.

Remember that “Anything worth doing, is worth doing in excess. Moderation is for monks!”
(or Janis).


Happy Birthday Grandyma Sue


2017 Mackinac Race – As of 12:00 AM – July 18 – Richard Predicts 2nd Place for Bill

Latest Update

was the hardest most grueling race I’ve ever been on. I was sick and couldn’t stand my watch for 8 hours. That’s never happened. Almost 100 boats did not complete the race.

The #3 (ed note: the smallest front sail on the boat) from Turning Point blew out after a couple hours but I had anticipated this and brought the #3 from Corsair (which was a new Dacron sale about 20% smaller than the Benateau’s) and we finished the 125 mile upwind part with no problem from the sail.

Everyone was sick to some degree. One guy smacked his head and another may have a small fracture in his ulnar. The upwind leg became survival.

Still recovering (wine in hand).    Bill



Turning Point made an amazing comeback finishing only 45 minutes behind first place to finish 45 minutes befor 3rd place.. Two days ago, they were 4 hours behind…

10:30 PM – July 16, Bill is in 4th place in his division.. 57th in the overall race.. 100th boat to the finish line.. 98.9 miles to finish.. his coordinates are 44 48.84N 086 16.97 W.. heading NE which is parallel with the lay line.. speed is 6.1 in @ 54 degrees..

The book makers predict a 3rd place (show)finish. As of July 17, the odds are now for 2nd (place)