The Seeley Street Pub

A place to have a cold beer, a few shots, and a small frozen pizza. Just throw the peanuts shells on the floor; the beer wench will clean them up later.

Remember that “Anything worth doing, is worth doing in excess. Moderation is for monks!”
(or Janis).


Happy Birthday Ralphie

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Happy Birthday Ludy

Hopefully, Sue and Patti will leave enough of it for you.


Grand Daddy Mikey

Nicholas Michael Lyons


Post Holiday Views from Sue

Either Sue needs a new camera or she was still out of focus from New Year’s Eve

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Holiday 2017 – It’s a Wrap



FA LA LIBERACE – December 29th

Fa La Liberace – Holiday Party
The Lyons Residence
Schaumberg, Illinois
December 29 – 4:00 PM until the candelabras burn out..
Wear your sequins and ostrich feathers.. or, as in Jim’s case, come as you are.


Lyons Baby Shower – December 3rd

Bahama Breeze
Schaumburg, Illinois
12:00 PM – 3:00 PM
Painkillers for everyone

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The Seeley Street Ice Chest Attends the MMM Party The Day of the Dead Party


“The Pants” are Back !

There has been much email discussion about the infamous “PANTS” …

Sue indicates they are going into winter storage. Various accounts indicate that they were offered to Good Will but rejected.

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Party With Birgit – Just Because They Could

October 22, 2017 – Birgit’s Domain

Legal Notice – signed consent forms for all participants – release form for the venue – after legal discussions about ownership (PETA won) paw print was approved..

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